ACAN has established several committees to help serve its mission.  Apart from the Finance Committee (which is limited to Executive Board Members) all of Committees are open to any Fellow, Member or Associate interested in helping.   We urge you to participate in one or more these committees:

The Training and Mentorship Committee
This Committee is responsible for the curriculum and conduct of training programs both for new and experienced court-appointed neutrals and the plan for mentoring ACAN’s new members that is essential to the benefits ACAN will be providing.

Professional Standards Committee
This Committee is responsible for working with the ABA Judicial Division Court-Appointed Neutrals Committee on its effort to develop ethical principles for court-appointed neutrals and for developing the ACAN Standards of Conduct to which all of its Fellows and Members will be expected to adhere. It will also be responsible whether ACAN should implement follow-on measures – such as offering advice to court-appointed neutrals on professional standards or potentially a means by which stakeholders can raise and have addressed concerns about the professional standards.

The Annual Meeting Committee
This Committee develops the programming and schedule for ACAN’s terrific annual meetings.

The Programs and Outreach Committee
This Committee works on developing and providing programs and articles on to assist and improve the work of court-appointed neutrals and to educate and work with stakeholders on ways in which court-appointed neutrals can be used more effectively.

The Membership Committee
This Committee assists in recruiting members, reviews and acts on applications for membership, provides resources for people interested in joining ACAN and evaluates possible changes to membership policies.

Volunteer to Serve on a Committee